FOOTWEAR - modifications to match your feet.

For work, play or just living life, all your shoes should fit and feel great! 
We offer personalized footwear adjustments, modifications and sales.

For work, play or just living life, all your shoes should fit and feel great! At our Feet First locations in Bow, NH and Plymouth, NH, we solve footwear problems for customers all over New England and beyond. And for many Feet First clients, the difference is life changing!

Custom orthopedic shoes may be unnecessary!

With our Certified Pedorthists on staff, we provide thorough footwear evaluations with expert consultations. In fact, we are often given client referrals by podiatrists, orthopedists, physical therapists and chiropractors throughout New England.

Customizing Your Foot Comfort

Some people struggle to find comfortable-fitting shoes even at specialty and orthopedic shoe stores. We’ll thoroughly evaluate and determine your footwear adjustments that you need to keep your feet comfortable. And in many cases, we can work with the shoes you already have. 

Shoe Stretching

Don’t throw away good shoes! You may only need to stretch or modify your existing footwear. If you experience foot problems such as pinching, blisters, bunions, neuromas or joint pain, your current shoes may need adjustment.

Relieving foot pain and discomfort can literally improve a person’s life. Feet First will evaluate your exact shoe fit, whether it be for walking, standing, running or a specialty need. We can very often modify your existing shoes for a pain-free and comfortable fit, perhaps for the first time in your life!


Shoe Stretching at Richelson's Feet First


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  • Footwear
  • Orthotics/OTC inserts
  • Ski/Snowboard boots
  • Medical conditions relating to feet, ankles, knees, hips, back or legs
  • Walking/Running problems
  • Disease such as Arthritis, Parkinsons, Diabetes, MS, Autism, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Neurological

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WE DO NOT INVENTORY SHOES - We special order daily from over 35 manufacturers.

What model & brand works best for your feet and activities? If you can’t find the right size or width, or you have a particular medical condition, Feet First can help you get into new shoes that will fit you best.

We offer expertise in footwear design and fit of hundreds of brands of footwear. 

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