Where comfort and performance meet for year round feet support

A small, hard-working professional group based in Plymouth NH. Established in 1992, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding your personal needs and the appropriate solutions.

skit boots, boot fitting, stance alignment

Personalized footwear selection and modification

Custom Orthotics and arch supports

We cater to skiers, runners, walkers, hikers and everyday people who just want to be comfortable.


We are NOT a ski shop. We are NOT a shoe store. We are NOT a doctor's office.

We are PASSIONATE about giving you the right tools to get the most out of life!

Paul Richelson

Paul Richelson ("The ski boot guy")

Board Certified Pedorthist

Paul first became acquainted with orthotics and canting in the 70's as a ski racer for Waterville Valley. He was also an avid runner in high school and college. In 1978, Paul started working in his family’s department store, Richelson’s of Plymouth, where he began fitting custom orthotics for both footwear and ski boots.


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