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At Richelson's Feet First, we REALLY know feet.  We'll give you the tools to get the most out of your activities! During your visit...

  • We document your primary complaints and medical history of lower extremity surgeries and diagnoses
  • We evaluate toe and bunion deformities, foot shape, heel width, arch height, pronation(arch collapse), supination (high arch), foot and leg flexibility
  • We measure and print your feet
  • We evaluate standing, walking, running, lateral movements to identify imbalances and compensations
  • We evaluate footwear, arch supports and custom orthotics

Wide Toe Box vs. Standard Toe Footwear

We'll give you recommendations of specific models of proper fitting footwear ie. narrow heels, wide toe box.  We sell 35 brands and offer you a guarantee fit or you can purchase on your own.


measuring feet

Precision Measurements

We measure length at toes, arch length, width as well as shape of the foot

Footwear Stretching

We can stretch all footwear whether it's leather, nylon, plastic, rubber, canvas

footwear stretching

foot scan

Foot Pressure Mapping

We evaluate the various pressure spots and arch shape to locate relief

Rocker Soles

We can provide rocker soles to your existing footwear as well as sandals and running shoes that come standard with rocker soles

rocker sole insert

Birkenstock modifications


We work on Birkenstock sandals including heel lifts, resoling as well as custom Birkenstock sandals.

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